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Perdió 67 kilos con la ayuda de un truco y hoy es entrenadora y modelo

Conocé la historia de la danesa Mathilde Broberg, que pesaba 126 kg.

Por: Florencia Gaona
Viernes 13 de Enero de 2017

Alos 21 años, la danesa Mathilde Broberg puede decir que está recuperada y feliz. Pero hace 3 años, se encontraba en su peor momento: cuando se subió a una montaña rusa y se dio cuenta de que no podía abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad de su asiento por los 121 kilos que pesaba, entendió que tenía que cambiar.

Además de entrenar regularmente, aproximadamente 3 veces a la semana, comenzó a cuidarse con las comidas y dejó atrás las 3.500 calorías que comía todos los días. Además, empezó a comer con una cuchara de té: "Decidí que ya no comería montañas de comida. Sólo como un plato y siempre utilizo cuchara de té, así me lleva más tiempo comer y no me atraganto con los alimentos".

Pero una vez que llegó a los 54 kilos, los sobrantes de piel la seguían atormentando por eso, pidió un préstamo del gobierno danés de 10.000 euros para lograr hacerse una lipoaspiración.

Hoy, maneja una cuenta de Instagram en la que sube sus fotos inspiradoras y muestra cómo fue su impactante cambio, sus avances y sus recetas fit. Además, trabaja como entrenadora profesional y modelo. ¡Un ejemplo!

Same smile - different feeling behind. Read below 💕 Of course I was happy before, but not “real” happy. I was insecure and I felt bad about the way I looked _ The left photo shows a girl that really just wanted to be like her other 15 year old friends, run around, act crazy and all that. Things that felt/was impossible for me. It was literally hard as fuck to function as a normal sized teenager when you twice their size. _ Losing weight has given me a second chance in life. Everything is much easier and much more pleasant than it was before. How bad do you want a good life? Where things are easy and you don’t have to overthink every little move you’re making? It IS possible! And trust me; after being overweight/obese my entire life I never thought that I would be able to lose half my bodyweight! It feels absolutely amazing and its without blinking the best decision I’ve ever made. _ I don’t have a recipe or formular on how exactly I did it! No diets, definitely no skinny teas/fat burning pills, no fancy shit: just by eating LESS (It’s so important to understand the importance of this), eating basic healthy and home cooked food AND being (much) more active. You are the ONLY one that can make a change! So whats YOUR excuse? 😉 It’s your life, and you only have this one! Don’t waste it and don’t ruin it by making excuses. Because there is no excuse for having a good and healthy life! _ #facetoface#beforeandafter

Una foto publicada por Mathilde Høj Broberg ⬇️ 139lbs (@mathildehbroberg) el

#bodypositive 💕 _ Love yourself and your body! Because you gonna stay in it for the rest of your life ❤️ _ Make the best out of it! Treat it nice; words and thoughts ❤️ And fuel it with healthy nutritious food. _ As many of you guys know, I've gained quite a lot of weight in a year. (11 kg/24lbs) Mostly muscle mass to fill out excess skin (because skinny-fit isn't an option for me with my skin/old harsh fat) and I've finally got to a place where I'm OK with the fact that I'll never get skinny! _ Don't reach for unnatural goals! And accept your body type ❤️ I will for an example never get those curvy hips because my hips are super narrow, and my legs are pretty thick and I have a long torso! Don't compare you with others, but love your OWN body ❤️

Una foto publicada por Mathilde Høj Broberg ⬇️ 139lbs (@mathildehbroberg) el

NO MUFFIN-TOP! __ Wearing white jeans can be extremely intimidating and I've always avoided white jeans (make you look bigger) ... __ But I pushed myself out of the comfort zone and took a pair on - and look at that!! No muffin top in da white pantzzz • Proud moment! 😱 ___________________________________________ The key to a lean belly is to avoid sugars, gluten and alcohol (ofc I drink and go out sometimes) and to exercise regularly! Isolated ab-workout is NOT the way to a flat belly I've said it before and will repeat myself again; LIFT HEAVY and you'll get tighten up _ - but make sure your technique is good/perfect (deadlift, squat etc) 💪🏼 ______ #weightloss#newlife#bestrong

Una foto publicada por Mathilde Høj Broberg ⬇️ 139lbs (@mathildehbroberg) el


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